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Region: Pafos | City: Mandria | Show city marker:
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kitesurfing snorkeling
bay beach pebbles reef sand seashore

Mandria is a village in the Paphos District, located 2 km east of Timi, close to Paphos International Airport. There's a long beach which can be used for kiting though the wind is usually stronger further to the east along the shore. During the summer there's a swimming area designated by buoys.


Thermal Western winds are dominant from May till October and present almost every day. The breeze starts around 12 p.m. and lasts until 5 p.m. Average strength is 12-14 knots (6-7 m/s). The best wind direction is South-west (cross-onshore).

Gusty and unstable winds from East and North-west are dominant during the winter.


Most of the time the sea is flat with little chop. With a big enough swell or strong wind waves start breaking over reefs which are very close to the surface. Some of them are covered by less than 30 cm of water.

How to get there

Take the Timi exit on the motorway to the Old Paphos road. There'll a turn to Mandria in about 1km. In the village follow the signs for the beach.

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Mandria (Cyprus, Mandria)
Mandria (Cyprus, Mandria)